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‘Always Dream Big! Dream about the most special version of you possible!’ – Clio Danae Othoneou, Greek actress by Life Treasure Collector

'Always Dream Big! Dream about the most special version of you possible!' - Clio Danae Othoneou, Greek actress

Clio Danae Othoneou is a Greek stage and television actress, musician and pianist. From an early age she was involved within the Arts, by studying piano and music theory at the age of 5 and a half years old. She has played in many musical concerts in various Greek cities. After completed her studies in the Superior Dramatic Faculty of National Theater of Greece in 2005, she has played in numerous theater and television shows and she works as a professional actress since then. 


“Many years ago, I was asked to write and play music for a show and that was the first time I was being introduced to the theater. I was studying music for many hours a day by myself. Playing the piano can be lonely at times, and I felt jealous after watching all these actors playing together, and so, I decided that theater was what I wanted to do in my life too. I decided to study drama when I was 20 years of age. And a long journey began, which continues till now, with happy days and difficult days. I’ve been a professional actress since 2005. 

I don’t know if people see only lights and glitter when referring to actors. It depends on how you view things really. I never thought that acting is all about lights. Do you know what I think? I see that theater involves teamwork, a tendency to become a child again. I saw people that feel like children, feel happy with life and take the same things seriously as children do. I don’t think that theater is all about lights and fame as many people think it is. Real theater is not like this.

Being an actor requires a lot of hard work, in every level, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Being an actor is one of the most beautiful jobs that someone can do. You need to be smart with your mind, your body and your emotions, you need to be multitalented, to sing beautifully, to dance well, to think smart, to let your mind travel far but at the same time to be pure and humble, to be able to work with many people together, to be easy going even when things are hard for you. Think about it… we actors are very unique and special personalities, and all these personalities have to work together. Imagine how complex this can be.

 For this reason, I admire us actors. I feel that we do a very difficult job without being paid accordingly. We are also pure like children. Maybe this sounds a bit strange, but I really believe that. Even though sometimes, children are not that innocent, you will find hardness sometimes in our field, however, I stand on the good things, the fact that so many special people, with unique journeys, difficult journeys at times and with many talents, manage to speak the same language and play with responsibility and love for what they do.

 Our love for the theater helps us overcome any difficulty and helps us to connect with each other.

I was imagining myself like this, I was holding pictures of being on stage in my mind as a child.. The truth is that many things happen because of luck, but we need to chase our dreams to reach them most of the time. I strongly believe that having a goal is very important. I believe that if you don’t imagine something you won’t see it happening in your real life. Some people say that If you never imagine yourself as a millionaire, you will never become one. I also believe this too. You need to reach with your mind to where you want to be first, and, then, you can build the appropriate conditions to make it come true.


I was very familiar with being on stage from an early age due to my piano studies and playing music. Some people start shaking only in the thought. They can never think of themselves to go on a stage and play in front of others and make themselves visible to so many people. There are people that work backstage like sound and lights operators or script writers etc and they are great in what they do, but if you ask them to go on stage in front of the audience and say a few words they will shake like a fish. It is about your willingness to put your self up there, which is something you see in children too. Children are not shy. They learn this afterwards from adults and they think ‘oh there are other people that are better than me, it’s better if I quit and not do it again’. Criticism by other people makes us shy and fearful, if you keep paying attention to what they say.

It is very important to dream big, otherwise how can you go through life, if you don’t dream about the special version of you possible? This doesn’t mean that you live in a world of fantasy, cause this can bring you unhappiness, if things don’t work as you wish. It is good though to imagine the journey of what you want to achieve, without having specific expectations. You see, all these things are very big, we may not even have specific answers for them, but I think we can imagine what we are capable of achieving. So why didn’t I imagine of becoming a nuclear physicist? Perhaps, because our nature places us in the directions of our talents and possibilities.

Your love for what you do keeps you alive; the things you love bring you happiness. If you do something that gives you sadness more than happiness then you may need to quit. You can’t just keep forcing yourself to focus on something positive if you don’t like what you do. It is like the human relationships, friendships or romantic. If I feel satisfaction and I feel good in a relationship, then it works, it continues automatically; we don’t always have to consciously decide about it, it just happens. Some things happen unconsciously, there is something that tells you to continue and go for it, you feel the energy and you keep getting strength to continue or stop so you can protect yourself from bad consequences.

There are lots of people that quit theatre. They start with high levels of happiness but they can’t continue the whole journey, as it is a very demanding area to work. It is this comparison first of all and the criticism we receive. Think about how hard and painful may be to constantly receive criticism for what you do, ‘today she was good, today she wasn’t good, today she said it well, today she didn’t perform well, or the other is so much better than her or worse than her’ and so on.. It can be very hard and stressful.

But, the journey and your persistence to do things better, and the fact that you can reach your dream step by step and become better give you the greatest pleasure and it is a great gain for me. And also, the fact that it comes a day when you stop engaging with all this criticism and the opinion of others. And this is very important. You get confident with epxerience, and you trust yourself more so you don’t get influenced by the opinion of other people.

To me the opinion of others doesn’t matter so much. They will say good and bad things. I used to get angry in the past, as i thought that some peope cannot fully understand many things of what we do. I used to get dissapointed but I learned not to pay attention and this makes me feel good. I decided that i don’t want to try to make everyone love me. 

But most important, Love is what helps you go through Life. Our Love for our job is the main motivation, our love for life. We love life that’s all! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I love your thoughts on having a vision, and your advice to not let other’s opinions affect you. Best of Luck on your Quest…

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