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Believe and You can Succeed in anything you decide to do in life! by Life Treasure Collector

Believe and You can Succeed in anything you decide to do in life!

Mr Agis is almost 80 years old, he is Greek and he lives outside Thessaloniki, in Greece.
He wanted to share his story with the world, by giving the message of Determination and Faith in one’s Dreams.

“When I was a kid, people didn’t have enough money and not many children had the chance to continue education in where I lived. I come from a small place where most of the families where working as farmers. Only a few children were able to go to college.

My parents were doing a couple of jobs but they didn’t make lots of money. However, I always wanted to study and get education. But they couldn’t afford to send me to the college. So I decided not to say anything to my parents and I started studying by myself and I gave exams without letting anyone know. I was reading all the time so I could pass the exams. And I did it, I was successful! When I told my parents, they were worried cause they couldn’t afford paying for both of my brother’s and my fees and all the other expenses for us to go to school. But I was so determined to study and I told them that we would find a way.

The school was far away. Very long way to go and there weren’t many bus trips to the city. Especially during the winter with the snow it was getting more difficult. My parents were working as farmers too. The field was 8 km far away from home. I was going there in the morning and then straight to school that was 12 km away. And then about the sunset we were walking back home. It was taking us 1 hour and a quarter to come back. We were fast & very young. We were about 6 kids together and my dad would come out in the street to make sure we were coming back cause it was dark and we were young and we didn’t have fear in our minds. But in spite of the difficulties, I was so determined to go to school and learn more so nothing seemed difficult enough to stop me. And I made it happen!

This life experience taught me that if you want to do something in life then you CAN succeed! This is what I tried to teach my own children and now my grandchildren, to always follow their dreams no matter what the difficulties. You have to be determined and patient. If I did it, then you can do it as well!
Believe in yourself and your dreams and then you can reach your life goals. Then anything you believe is very possible! “

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