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Fighting for Human Rights and World Peace by Life Treasure Collector

Fighting for Human Rights and World Peace

‘People’s future is not what will happen but what people will do.’

Jennifer Chim is the President of the World Peace Elite Association (WPEA) established in 2010. WPEA educates people on human rights in 360 languages. Her aim and dream is to provide human rights information to everyone around the world get knowledge and enjoy human rights.

  She was a victim of human rights violations, Jennifer Chim from Hong Kong never gives up with struggles and she is dedicated to her life mission to inspire others and raise awareness on Human Rights around the world. Her message is that individual’s fundamental rights laws should be honored and justice should be held. Her life mission is to fight for Human Rights and spread the message of Love, Peace and Humanity around the world.

Jennifer believes that her experience was a message from God that helped her through her life with many miracles. She found meaning in her suffering and she never gives up! Her duty is not only for her own good but also for other people’s dignity and rights. She strongly believes that If more people get formal education at schools or universities and learn about the human rights laws, then the world will be a better, safer and peaceful place, based on the spirit of brotherhood, love and respect.

Although she went through problems, she always reminds herself to never give up. She wants to stand up and talk in the name of Peace, Justice and Love.

Her travels around to the world to talk about the importance of the Human Rights education. She has set up a global Human Rights Network so people can find more information. Her goal is to meet and connect with other people who are peace lovers and share the goal of promoting Human Rights.

Jennifer Chim’s message to the world is that all people should fight for justice and peace and never give up on their life mission and dreams. One’s success is other people’s success too. Our world can become better if all people work together.
Jennifer has helped others in their life dealing with injustice.

For more information or to learn more about Human Rights and how you can support or contact Jennifer Chim, please visit www.worldpeaceelite.org





  1. Sending Strength, and Support for Your on going Success…

  2. Dear Lady President,
    I have read your piece with great interest and thereafter visited your website.
    I am greatly impressed with the scope and enthusiasm you show in your International efforts for World Peace and would very much like to hear more about your projects.

    I am involved in the organisation for a “Peace -Economic & Health” Symposium in Austria, Oct.2014 and would be happy to discuss this with you.
    With Greetings from Graz, Austria,
    David M

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