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Follow your Madness & Willingness to Succeed. Vaso Kosmidou, Street Protection Instructor, Greece by Life Treasure Collector

Follow your Madness & Willingness to Succeed. Vaso Kosmidou, Street Protection Instructor, Greece

My name is Vaso Komidou. I was born and live in Thessaloniki, Greece. My studies and my masters were in Business Administration and since I finished I work in my family’s business that my dad built at a very young age. My dad and my brother are auto electricians and we are working only with professional trucks.  I love my job very much and now that my country is going through the economic crisis, we try our hardest to survive.


Since I was a child I was very scared of the dark and to stay at home by myself. The thing was that I couldn’t overcome my fear even when I was getting older. I had to do something to confront it. My parents taught me and my brother to deal with anything that comes to our life and to be strong. For example, when I asked my dad for a car, he said to me ‘work and buy one’. So for 3 years I worked at two jobs to buy my new car and be debt free.


So, I decided to start taking some self-defense classes to help me deal with my fear of staying at home by myself, and the dark. I did 4 years TAEKWODO and I took the black belt and my first DAN. The last 3 years I started taking Street Protection System (SPS) classes, which have helped me in a great extent! My self-confidence increased, I am now more aware of my strengths, as I have practiced under a lot of situation under stress. I definitely noticed a big difference in myself. But it wasn’t easy to reach that far. It requires a lot of time, patience and persistence. I used to drive 3 times per week 30 kilometers to reach the gym and 30 kilometers back to my house. So every single time I had to drive 60 kilometers to my training class with the expert of SPS Antonis Theofylidis. It took a lot of sacrifices in order to reach my goal and become a SPS instructor myself. The journey so far was exhausting with no free time for myself at all but I never thought of quitting. The only thing that I wanted was to fulfill my goal and dream.


Especially when I started my SPS classes, it was pretty tough. I remember it took me about 3 months to learn perfectly one of the self-protection techniques. Of course I was feeling disappointed at times, I thought that I would never succeed my goal, but day after day, month after month I was getting better.  Nothing happened quickly, I had to work hard, and dedicate myself to the training. This also helped me build my character better. I learned how to respect myself and feel confident with my abilities and also respect and be grateful to other people too. I could never stay focused on my thoughts but now I have improved in that respect as well.


I had accidents at times while in training but this never put me off. I always knew that I had to work hard in order to reach my goal and fight my fear. And indeed, as time was going by, I started seeing that I could manage my fear, I started controlling my panic attacks better, I dealt with my emotions of helplessness and I learned to stay calm under various situations and be focused.

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I started loving the training classes and SPS so much that I decided to become a SPS instructor myself and I recently received the SPS trainer certification. The time schedule of the trainers’ classes was exhausting. For the past winter I never had a free weekend and at the end I started feeling really tired. The exams were demanding as well, both the theoretical and the practical part of it. There were a few times that I thought I wouldn’t make it and I should quit. However, I was reminding myself of the entire journey and the hard work I’ve put in that and of course everything I gained through this experience.


I am definitely stronger now. I learned to work in a team and also we were taught to help, support and love each other. There is no competition among us. The only person I am in a competition with is myself. Because, you know, the worst enemy that you ever have to confront is your own self. If you say that you can never do something, then you will never try or complete it. It’s not that you can’t do It but that you don’t want to do it bad enough. You can achieve many things if you really want them. Things that you never thought that you could achieve suddenly become a reality.  Never give up! And remember… when was the last time you did something that you really wanted? When a person achieves everything he wishes for, then he is the richest person on earth. Set goals, make them reality. It is not always easy, you may feel defeated both psychologically and physically, but never give up. Don’t expect help from others. Follow your madness and willingness to succeed. Challenge yourself!!!


e-mail : kosmidis.service@gmail.com


Street Protection System

It is a modern system of self-defense that is based on realistic situations of defense and self-protection. It aims to fulfil the need for safety of people and it is for both women and men of all ages, including children. The SPS techniques are valid and tested by experts. Its principles are based on psychology, anatomy and physiology.


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