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FUKE takes BEAUTY of ordinary every day scenes to a new level! Read the story of this amazing artist from Japan! by Life Treasure Collector

FUKE takes BEAUTY of ordinary every day scenes to a new level!  Read the story of this amazing artist from Japan!

FUKE P-San is a UNIQUE and amazing artist from Japan.

He was born in Ayagawa town in Kagawa prefecture and he now lives in the city of Sanuki, Japan.

FUKE started getting into Digital Photography in 2003 to create a new level of beauty and also offer a kind of Visual Warmth, as he mentions, for the mind and heart. He engaged especially with Photography when people from overseas, visiting the place he lives, were telling him about the amazing beauty they could see in the local Japanese landscapes, the flowers, the trees, something that the local people, including himself, were finding too difficult to notice. He thinks that we can never truly recognize the beauty of the things and the people around us until someone points it out to us.

‘There is so much beauty in our everyday life that goes unseen simple because we develop a different sense of how we value beauty often influenced by our every day life routine.’ FUKE uses his art to add value to all the unseen beauty around him.


He believes that Art usually comes from a lack of Love. And so artists find and create new ways to express their need for Loving. They express themselves through their art to reach a level of wellness of their heart, by giving reality and beauty a new dimension. All artists have an inner need to create something worth loving.

There is no example like FUKE’s art. What he does is really special to the man’s eyes.




There is a long process he goes through in taking photographs. He stays 2-3 hours capturing hundreds of shots of a single flower or a landscape till he feels satisfied with the result. Then, technology helps him to find perfection through editing the colors and the light and when he feels the result speaks to his heart and mind, the photograph becomes an art picture, and it is ready to be printed and go into a frame.

He focuses on flowers, the cherry blossoms that are the national plant of Japan, snowy landscapes at night time and day, rice fields and scenes in the light of the sunset. He exposes the color of the night sky when everything is so dark and colors become invisible almost to the eye. Digital Photography helps him bring the rainbow colors to the surface of each of his photographs.


People that see his art find it difficult to recognize that all the scenes or flowers exist around them. They usually ask him ‘How did you do that?’ with an expression of amazement and lose their words by looking to the photographs he creates!

FUKE shows us new ways to start noticing ordinary beauty. He believes that people know that flowers are beautiful but he exposes a deeper level of this beauty.

He observes his life and the surroundings with every detail to find something special in everything. He dreams of making life brighter, a kind of a treasure and his unique art allows him to do so.

His advice to others is to Open new windows in your mind and heart, notice and catch the beauty of ordinary small things, watch them well and find a way to make this beauty even bigger. Find the mystery in everything; feel it and this will open your heart to new worlds that you previously thought they never existed. Art can give us Happiness, and help us communicate with ourselves and others to a higher level.’

Visit his website and links below to see more of FUKE’s Art through a great journey of colors and light, that brings ordinary beauty to a new level!

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