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Good thoughts & Faith come together by vlits

Good thoughts & Faith come together

When I was 20 years old I went to London to stay for several months to learn English. I needed the language for my work as I collaborate with people worldwide, and till then I could only understand and speak a few phrases.
When I arrived in London, I had no idea how to go to the center of the city, or speak the language to ask and receive directions. I was feeling too ashamed to talk to anyone. So I stood at the airport for about 7 hours waiting for something to happen and help me find my way. Inside me I really believed I would find a way to get where I wanted to go.
I heard a woman talking in Greek, my language, so I went close to her and ask her for directions. A man that was sitting next to her and was also Greek, heard the conversation and offered to take me to the city center. He didn’t ask for the exact place I wanted to go but he said that he would leave me somewhere in the city center so I could find my way by myself. We arrived at Oxford Street I remember and he said goodbye. When I looked around I realized that without him knowing, he left me exactly outside the building of the college I enrolled to study English. What’s the possibility? He had no idea but I was thrilled that from the whole city of London he left me exactly in the street and building I wanted to go. For the rest of the months I stayed in London, everything continued in the same pace, having all the luck by my side.
I always direct my mind to the things that I want them to happen. Never I let any bad thought destroy my plans and my wishes in life. Sometimes you have to work along to make anything you want happen, some other times the good thoughts make the things you wish finally happen to you.

STORY by vlits

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