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How to Attract What You Want Into Your Life by Venetia

How to Attract What You Want Into Your Life


Vibrate Higher With Venetia – How to Attract What You Want Into Your Life

Think of a thing that you really want. Meditate for a minute to clear your mind and place the thought of the thing you want in the center of your mind. 

Keep your mind’s eye (pineal gland) focused on the image and slowly give color to it. 

Give life to your thought, breath and live your thought. As you are doing this, begin to feel happy as if your thought has already come true. 

Let the feeling of happiness fill up your entire body and begin to overflow. Feel these feelings in your chest, stomach, legs, arms, fingers, and toes. 

See yourself receiving the thing you desire and enjoy having it in front of you. 

Close your eyes and give 100% attention to your thought. After a minute, open your eyes but keep the emotion and thought with you all the time.

If you find yourself feeling bad, sad, or negative at times, think of this thought so that you continue releasing this same signal constantly. Otherwise, you will no longer be a vibrational match to your desire and, therefore, can no longer attract it to you. 


Every day think of this thought, imagine it in your mind, and feel the emotion attached to it just before you fall asleep. Your brain keeps working even while you sleep, so give it something positive to work with.


Continue in this direction and your desire will have no choice but to manifest itself in your reality.


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I am a life coach and a Law of Attraction practitioner certified in psychology - emotional intelligence. I love to inspire people to find their life purpose and to reach the best version of themselves. I enjoy transforming negative thoughts, people, and circumstances into positive.

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