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Life may be tough at times, but you have to be tougher! by tasos

Life may be tough at times, but you have to be tougher!

I lost my father when I was 9 years old. It was the most painful experience in my life, as I was little and everything happened so fast, in fact in a few hours before my eyes.

My mother was left with three small children, with not enough money so from an early age I had to find ways to help my family. I was the oldest son and I took the place of the father figure for my brother and my sister. I started working since I was a kid. My mother had a disability and this made the situation a bit harder. 

But I never complained. My mind was constantly working to find new ways and make things possible for me and my family. I started going to school at night since I was working during the day. 

To make a long story short, I strongly believe that when someone has determination and faith, no matter what the situation is, no matter where you come from, you can reach what you want in life. You can build you own strength to deal with anything that comes your way! 

I had to face many adversities since a young age. But I never gave up! Maybe sometimes, we feel that life is not the journey we hoped for, but since we are here we need to make the most of it! 

Life may be tough at times, but you have to be tougher! and it is an ongoing journey… Never lose HOPE. 

I always work hard, I am grateful and I feel blessed that I have achieved so much in life. I have a family, I enjoy being a grandfather to 2 little boys that give me strength and happiness, I built a business when I was young without any help that gave me the opportunity to make some of my dreams come true. 

I you believe in something you will find a way to build it and achieve it.

We have two choices after all: To stay still and moan about the problems that come our way or take the decision to use our mind and heart to guide us and make our life bigger than our present situation

and the journey goes on.. 

ps. to my dad’s & mum’s memory 

STORY by tasos

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