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The Happy Father by GeorgeS

The Happy Father

When I was 3 yrs old, my family moved to the city of Thessaloniki, N.Greece. Unfortunately though a year later my dad died suddenly. We were left alone, me, my mother who was disabled, my older brother & my sister. I was the youngest child.

As a family we were very poor. Difficult years for many in Greece. I remember myself growing & seeing the other kids in the neighbourhood having all goods & I was feeling like sad I couldn’t have like cookies, apples or sweets like them.



When I was 8 yrs old I started selling chewgums & seeds to help my family. Some kids from poor families used to do that at that times. I was walking every morning for about 20-25 km to work & then back home. With the money I was getting I could help my mother to buy food & olive oil. My older brother & my sister were working too to help our family.



When I was about 10-11 yrs old & I knew more about life I made a promise to myself that when I grow old I will have a family & make the best for them so they can have a good life & have everything they needed.



So I was blessed from God to make a family. God gave me 2 boys & I was more than happy! I was going with my wife & my kids out very often to celebrate life & be happy! We were enjoying life to the fullest & I was feeling that I could now give to my family what life didn’t give me when I was a child.



At my late 20s I had my own business doing furniture polishing. I was working hard & I was feeling lucky with my job till the age of 31 when doctors told me that the chemicals of furniture colour products were damaging my lungs so I had to change occupation. I started selling groceries at street markets.



Meanwhile me & my wife decided to have a 3rd child as we always wanted to have a little daughter! I was wondering if I would be able to provide everything to my child. But I had the faith that God would help us again as always in life! God answered to our prayers & we were blessed with a 3rd child a little girl. My faith was always my guide & my strength in my life!


No matter what your past story is and how many difficulties you went through, use everything as a life lesson to make you stronger and keep the faith that life can be generous and it gets better! 

STORY by GeorgeS

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