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The things you want will eventually happen the right time for you. by Life Treasure Collector

The things you want will eventually happen the right time for you.

Dimitris Sporidis is a talented actor from Greece. He studied theater in Greece and Paris, and since then, he has taken part in numerous plays, including the recent musical play “With exquisite music, with voices…” by the National Theater of Northern Greece, which was described as one big success. Being an actor is about communicating with people, and for someone to follow this route of acting, he/she needs to have continuous passion and love for it, as Dimitris believes.  


“It is the best, the most wonderful experience to work with people from different backgrounds, with different kind of experience, both actors and dancers. Each one of us has a unique and different journey and getting to work with all of them as a team is absolutely amazing. Playing with so many people, all with different perspectives about life, art and theater is like being re-introduced to the theater. It is such an amazing experience working together, we developed strong bonds and a warm relationship, we are friends. The atmosphere during the show time was unique. 

I graduated from the National Theater in 2004. For me theatre and acting mean communication. I get the opportunity to communicate through my acting roles with the audience and this is very important to me. We had people in the audience from all sort of ages. 


Since I started working as an actor and in the theatre, I realised that I love this contact with people. I don’t like working by myself, I love being around others and work with them. I love listening to other’s opinions as this helps me to learn new things and further develop throughout my journey as an actor.


When someone decides to work and express himself through art and theatre, he needs to realise his passion as soon as he can. To realise and truly understand that he is born to do theater, and he can’t do anything else in life but this. If there is a doubt, even for a minute, and you have different things in mind that you could do as well, then acting and theatre is not possibly for you. And this is because theatre requires people that can give 100% of their time and be always present.


I remember, when I left my parent’s house 3 years ago, I said to my dad that I wanted to work as an actor in the theatre cause this is what I truly wanted to do in life and nothing else. After going a long process of thinking of myself and my dreams and a long self-analysis, I felt that theatre was the thing for me. Despite the difficulties and the low pays I could feel the passion I had to follow this route. If you love it and you do it right then you will feel fulfilled and rich in experiences. I can’t even describe how many beautiful experiences I have gained throughout my career as an actor.

I was always imagining things I wanted to do, I was wishing for many things to happen in my life in relation to my job as an actor, but they were never happening the time I wanted them to happen. Lately, and after many years, I can finally see my dreams and my wishes coming true and I say to myself ‘look it didn’t happen when you wanted and you got disappointed the following day but it is finally happening now, after 5-6 years and this is amazing.’ I fairly believe that you have to trust that the things you want will eventually happen the right time for you. This is what I learned well through my experience as an actor.

Each night, when the show is finished and I go backstage, I think of the experience I just had, getting all this love from the audience, and this is what really gives me satisfaction and fulfilment. Then I go back home and I try to comprehend the amazing experience that I had. And this is the best part of it. 

Sometimes, we don’t realise the things that happen in our lives. Now that the specific show came to an end, I begin to realise how strong this experience was and how much the audience loved it. During the show, we were busy having to prepare the clothes and to get ready to play. Now that it is finished we can fully see what really happened and, something that I think it is the most important, we can see the importance of our job, the important role of the actors.”


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