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We Are Constantly Surrounded By Magic by Venetia

We Are Constantly Surrounded By Magic


Along my journey of life, I have come to realise that there exists a life that we are unaware of – some kind of magic, force, an energy that is not visible to the naked eye but constantly surrounds us.

It’s a dimension that can only be experienced by raising your vibrational frequency to a higher kingdom of consciousness and awareness.

What you think is real is actually an illusion. An illusion that keeps you trapped and holds you a prisoner of your own false beliefs.

Connect with yourself, connect with people, connect with nature, connect with the universe. Free your mind so you can see and hear clearly.

You are constantly surrounded by magic, solutions, love, happiness, life, energy, joy, and all that is positive and good for your soul, but you must become aware of its existence in order to experience it. Otherwise, you will continue on the same illusional path of limiting beliefs, obstacles, negativity, lack, and self-doubt.

Observe with an open mind and you will see all the messages that lie right before your very own eyes.

Be receptive at all times to the good that already exists everywhere.

STORY by Venetia

I am a life coach and a Law of Attraction practitioner certified in psychology - emotional intelligence. I love to inspire people to find their life purpose and to reach the best version of themselves. I enjoy transforming negative thoughts, people, and circumstances into positive.

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