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When others say ‘why me?’ I say ‘why not!’. I Believe! by fotinikarni

When others say ‘why me?’ I say ‘why not!’. I Believe!

I had terrible headaches for about 7-8 years & high blood pressure. The last 2 years I’ve been visiting the doctors to see what was wrong with me. I thought I had a minor stroke, as my head was feeling heavy all the time. I was begging doctors to send me for further tests but they wouldn’t listen. I was walking with sticks as it was affecting my mobility. I couldn’t understand why the doctor never sent me for an MRI scan to start with. He thought I just wanted attention & my case wasn’t that serious. One night I was so bad I had to go to the emergencies. They said it was only a headache but I had a feeling it was something more. I told them to give me further tests but they still sent me back home. I stopped the medicine to reduce the symptoms. I remember a time when one doctor made a joke after reading my blood pressure saying ‘and you are still alive?’.


When I was watching TV sometimes I couldn’t follow & my vision wasn’t good at times. My sleep was affected too. But I kept strong & didn’t want to give up…I was trying to continue living as normal as I could & take care of everyone.


There are good doctors here but some of them don’t pay attention to the patients. They only treat you better only if you personally know a doctor in the hospital. But why? They would have saved many lives if they did care a little bit more.


So I decided to change doctors. I told the new one all the symptoms & he sent me straight for an MRI scan where we found out about the tumour. They said I had it for 8-9 years. It wasn’t cancer to spread fast, so it was easier to cope with psychologically. I had a surgery to remove it.


The doctors said that it would take around 5-6 months to be able to use my arm & my leg that the tumour was affecting. But I had such a strong will that I started moving both of them in 10 days. I’m now having physiotherapy but I mainly do the exercises by myself everyday. I was determined that I can get better. I never stopped. It’s been 2 months since I had the surgery & I’m doing really well! I thank God! Other people tell me that I have lots of courage. I can fight & get better each day; I have a goal each morning to get up and work hard. I never say oh I don’t feel good I shouldn’t do it today.


And I never said  once ‘why me?’. Never. I say ‘why not?’. It helps me breath & stay strong! I never feel bad about it. People get sick or die. Why should I be the exception? We are all the same. And I praise God that helps me stay strong & cope with it. I pray. My faith is the most important thing! We should never give up as long as we live! We have so much power inside us for anything to keep us down. We can create miracles each day only if we believe we can! 

STORY by fotinikarni

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