the idea

Welcome to the Life Treasure Collector.

Life Treasures are those experiences that keep us alive and make us feel proud and grateful for ourselves. If we stop to think about everything we have achieved so far, we will astonish ourselves!

But how often do we celebrate our achievements?

Everyone has different amazing stories to share and inspire others too!
No matter what you do, where you are and who you are, there are things that you do better than others. Your life experience and achievements can be a great example to many when shared!

The Life Treasure Collector is a website for people to share inspirational and positive stories with others.

 In Life Treasure Collector you can:

  • Share stories & experiences of hope, optimism & success
  • Help others going though similar situations to gain faith & strength
  • Express Gratitude to people that are special to you
  • Ask for prayers & support from others
  • Read other stories of strength & positivity & get inspired
  • Share quotes that inspire you
  • Share Pictures in our Positive Gallery

Our Life Stories & Achievements are our Treasures.

Celebrate and share your Life Treasures!